Absolute Race Timing


What is the max distance you will travel?

We will travel any distance to time your event. We do not charge for travel if your event is within 50 miles of West Bend, Wisconsin. For races that are beyond the 50 mile threshold we charge a minimal trip fee for mileage above the 100 mile round trip distance. No race is too small for us to travel.

Is my race too small to chip time?

No race is too small to chip time. Chip timing is the wave of the future and a lot of athletes will only run races that are chip timed. We will provide you with either a disposable or a reusable RFID chip depending on the requirements of your race. Remember the better the race the more participants you will have returning for years to come.

What types of races do you time?

We will time any race from a fun run to a competitive marathon and all races in between. We have the capability to time the smallest race to the largest race. We do not only time running races we time all races to include triathlons, running races, winter events such as snow shoeing and cross country skiing, bicycle races, trail runs, mountain bike races, and everything in between. In addition, we have entered the track and field arena using HY-TEK Meet Manager The only thing we don't time is automobile races.

What timing system do you use?

Absolute Race Timing has teamed up with RM Timing systems. We believe this is the best timing system in the industry. Some manufacturers think a ground based system is not the safest but we have never had a problem with our system. Furthermore we have the ability to mount our sensors on a truss type system eliminating the need for a ground based system.  

As a race director we want results in real time, how do you provide them?

We provide race results in multiple ways. Included in our price we will provide kiosks for your participants to view in near real time. As long as we can get a wireless signal we can post real time results. Also we will have the results scrolling on a big screen TV throughout the race in the vicinity of our timing tent. If you prefer a printout of the results we will provide those in addition to the scrolling results. All of the results are included in our price quote.

This is my first time putting on our event, can you help us?

Not only are we race timers we are race directors and organizers also. We have built our own race up from the beginning to now having a successful race in a few short years. We are not in the race management business but we will work with you to ensure you have a successful event.

Can you help us with our registration process?

Absolutely! We have our own race registration software which will aid in your registration needs. We have a competitive pricing structure which could possibly add to your bottom line. The registration software is very user friendly and you as the race director can reap the benefits by approximately 3-9%. Contact us at info@absoluteracetiming.com to show you how.

Please do not hesitate to contact us directly with any questions, comments, or other inquiries you may have so that we can get in touch with you directly to help you with your race’s specific needs.

We strive to answer all of our emails in as swift a manner as possible and thank you in advance for your time and patience.


PO BOX 562
West Bend, Wisconsin 53095