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    We will travel any distance to time your event. We do not charge for travel if your event is within 50 miles of West Bend, Wisconsin. For … more

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    Email: edward@svetiming.com

    Name: Edward Margallo

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    Race City State: Morgan Hill

    Race Date: test

    Subject: test

    Type of Race: test

    Number of Participants: 1234

  • Fast growing veteran owned, local race timing company is looking to bring on more team members for the 2018-2019 season.  This announcement is for multiple part time positions.  The … more

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    Number of Participants: 716

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  • Message: Would like timing info

    Email: jodi@rsmpm.com

    Name: DJ

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    Race City State: Campbellsport

    Race Date: 9/9/19

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    Type of Race: 5k

    Number of Participants: 400

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    Number of Participants: 123

  • Name Phone Email Type of Race Race City/State Race Date Number of Participants … more

  • Message: Hi,
    I was one of the official pacers in the Marathon and my times are not listed in the final results. I have all the emails sent to me during the race on my splits. I finished in 6:30.04. It was listed yesterday when I looked but my pacing captain contacted me as she told me I don't have a time. Can you fix? Thanks

    Email: bundalkm@yahoo.com

    Name: Katherine M Bundalo

    Phone: 2627510825

    Race City State: ELM GROVE

    Race Date: 10/7/2018

    Subject: My race time(s) do not show in the final results

    Type of Race: Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon

    Number of Participants: 1

  • Message: Good morning,
    I am the director for the Run for Sam 10K & 1 Mike Walk hosted by my VFW post in Princeton, WI. We are a small, non profit event which is named after our former post commander and benefits a scholarships in his name. Would you provide me more information about your timing services for our event?

    Thank you,
    Alecia Gende
    VFW post 10452
    Princeton, Wisconsin

    Email: aleciagende@yahoo.com

    Name: Alecia Gende

    Race City State: Princeton/Wisconsin

    Race Date: 7/13/19

    Subject: Timing Quote

    Type of Race: 10k Run, Wall, 1 mile walk

    Number of Participants: 150

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    Subject: Sweaty Yeti

    Type of Race: fatbike

    Number of Participants: 120

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    Look forward to your response.

    Email: dustinjschneider@yahoo.com

    Name: Dustin Schneider

    Phone: 920-912-5726

    Race City State: Sheboygan, WI

    Race Date: 08/10/2019

    Subject: Race Quote

    Type of Race: Half Marathon

    Number of Participants: 350

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  • Message: Good morning,

    I am the race director for VFW Run for Sam 10K & 1 Mile Walk. We are a small town, nonprofit 10K run, 10K walk and 1 Mile walk that benefits a scholarship for local students in memory of our departed VFW post commander, Sam Hennessee. We typically have 120 runners/walkers. We are inquiring about your availability for our 2019 Run for Sam. Our race is on Saturday, July 13th, 2019 in Princeton, WI. Do you have availability?

    Thank you,
    Alecia Gende

    Email: aleciagende@yahoo.com

    Name: Alecia Gende

    Race City State: Princeton, WI

    Race Date: 7/13/19

    Subject: VFW Run for Sam 10K

    Type of Race: nonprofit, 10K run, 10K walk, 1 mile walk

    Number of Participants: 120

  • Message: Hello,

    We would like to speak with you about doing the timing service for our 5K Run on July 4. The event has about 1,400 participants and has been taking place for about 32 years. It is a tradition in our community and a fundraiser for our school. I look forward to speaking with you. Our website is hairpinrun.com.
    Thank you!

    Email: vinni.chomeau@gibraltar.k12.wi.us

    Name: Vinni Chomeau

    Phone: 9204211687

    Race City State: Fish Creek, WI

    Race Date: July 4, 2019 and every year

    Subject: Timing for our 5K

    Type of Race: 5K

    Number of Participants: 1400

  • Message: Hello,
    Wauwatosa East is hosting one of the regional meets this spring for track/field. Looking at options for timing companies in the area to work the meet. It starts at 4:00pm and will be held at Hart Park in Wauwatosa. Please contact me with any other questions and/or a quote to work the event if you are available.


    Email: guyantmi@wauwatosa.k12.wi.us

    Name: Michelle Guyant-Holloway

    Phone: 4147742014

    Race City State: Wauwatosa

    Race Date: May 20, 2019

    Subject: Quote Request

    Type of Race: WIAA Regional Track/Field Meet

    Number of Participants: 200

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    Number of Participants: 3310

  • Message: Hello,

    We spoke on the phone last week and I am following up to see if you are able to do the timing for our 5K this July 4? Sorry to ask again but I am worried about not being able to find a timing company. This is a major fundraiser for our school. The proceeds pay for the field trips and unique experiential education activities for the entire school district grades K-12. It is also something families in our community have done for several generations. Thank you so much for letting me know if you are able to do the timing for our event or for recommending someone who can. Thank you

    Email: vinni.chomeau@gibraltar.k12.wi.us

    Name: Vinni Chomeau

    Phone: 9204211687

    Race City State: WI

    Race Date: July 4, 2019 and every year

    Subject: Timing Availability

    Type of Race: 5K

    Number of Participants: 1500

  • Message: This will be our 2nd year for Eli&#39;s Unite and fight against Childhood Cancer. There will be a blood drive and poss community breakfast as well

    Looking for pricing on chip timing and registration site

    Email: kasslers@hotmail.com

    Name: Corrie Kassler

    Phone: 715-610-7064

    Race City State: Antigo WI

    Race Date: September 21, 2019

    Subject: quote

    Type of Race: 1K, 5K, 10K

    Number of Participants: 170

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  • Message: Hello,

    My name is Eric Moore and I am part of a non-profit organization, IndependenceFirst. I am emailing to find the contact person who makes the decisions on making donations to help sponsor our annual Walk, Run, & Glide 5k. Please contact me at emoore@independencefirst.org or 414-226-8356.

    Thank you

    Email: emoore@independencefirst.org

    Name: Eric Moore

    Phone: 4142268356

    Race City State: milwaukee

    Race Date: june 15, 2019

    Subject: donations/participation

    Number of Participants: 500

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    Race City State: Hoskins

    Race Date: 1979-10-12

    Subject: what cbd oil is best for pain with reviews

    Number of Participants: 8396

  • Message: I am looking for an estimate for timing our race.

    Email: victor@kc.edu

    Name: Victor Brown

    Phone: 9372418939

    Race City State: Oshkosh WI

    Race Date: Between August 13 - 17 ,2019

    Subject: Kettering Health Network&#39;s 5K foot race

    Type of Race: 5K

    Number of Participants: 500

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    Number of Participants: 3817

  • Message: We are looking to have our 5k timed next year. Can you please tell me how much your services cost? We have about 100 people each year. Thank you.

    Email: dmeyer@hustisfordfire.com

    Name: Debra Meyer

    Phone: 920-285-8859

    Race City State: Hustisford, WI

    Subject: cost for timing service

    Type of Race: 5k fun run/walk

    Number of Participants: 100

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    Number of Participants: 7389

  • Message: I work for the American Cancer Society in La Crosse, WI. We have 3 races for ACS across the state (one here, one in Appleton, and one in Plymouth).
    Could someone get ahold of me to chat about pricing options for these 3 races?

    Email: alex.deshler@cancer.org

    Name: Alex Deshler

    Phone: 6087928312

    Race City State: Onalaska, WI

    Race Date: April 21, 2020

    Subject: Inquiry

    Type of Race: 5K walk/run

    Number of Participants: 500

Please do not hesitate to contact us directly with any questions, comments, or other inquiries you may have so that we can get in touch with you directly to help you with your race’s specific needs.

We strive to answer all of our emails in as swift a manner as possible and thank you in advance for your time and patience.


PO BOX 562
West Bend, Wisconsin 53095